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Get elastic loops to secure, bind or hang your products. See below for all the possible elastic loop options available on hand or as custom-made solutions. Learn more about measuring for the right size elastic for the job and get suggestions on which elastic loop goes best with a particular product.

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Elastic Loop Sizing Guide

Defining the length of a loop

There are two ways to refer to the length of an elastic loop: Loop length and loop circumference. The natural loop length is the length of the loop when stretched just enough so there is no slack.

The loop circumference is a measurement of the entire piece of string, from one end to the other. If you cut the loop and measure the string (stretched just to the point where there is no slack), that would be the natural loop circumference. The natural loop circumference is generally twice the natural loop length.

To find the natural loop circumference, measure the length of a non-elastic piece of string wrapped around your item the way you would want your elastic loops applied.
Loop Length
Length of elastic loop measurement
Loop Circumference
Elastic Loop Circumference Measurement

Finding the right size loop

We use the natural loop circumference to find the appropriate size loop for your item. Generally, this is one inch less than the natural loop circumference. This would account for the "stretch" of the elastic.

For smaller items with circumferences of 1 to 4 inches (smaller jewelry boxes, bottles, etc.) this rule would not apply. In this case, the natural loop circumference would be the appropriate length.

For large items with circumferences of 16 inches or more (apparel boxes, larger folders, etc.) this rule applies but is not absolute. This means there may be more than one elastic loop size appropriate for your item.

If you are still not sure what size loop you may need, request a quote for a custom loop above or contact us and customer service expert will help.

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