Elastic Cord

Elastic cord is great for fastening, strapping and binding products. Elastic can stretch up to 50% its length. Elastic cord with bar that can streamline product assembly. Barbed elastic cord works great for face shields, masks, folders, portfolios, menus and jewelry.

The minimum order quantity for barbed elastic cord is 2,000 pieces. However, elastic cord can be made available in cut pieces (without barbs) with a minimum order quantity of only 100.

Elastic Cord Widths

Get elastic cord in a wide range of length and width sizes:

  - Cut pieces can come in any length.
  - Barbed cord lengths range from 3 inches to 12 inches.
  - Flat elastic is available in 1/4 inches wide.
  - Round elastic is available in widths of 1mm (cotton braided), 1.2mm (1/16 inch) and 2mm.
  - Size #7115 and 1/8" flat is currently unavailable.
  - Other elastic sizes may be available, however, upon request.

Cotton braided elastic barbed cord, 1mm wide and 8 inches long, are especially good for lightweight face masks and face shields.

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