Your search for "that" item just got easier...

...as well as your purchasingbudgeting and item completion process.

If it's for elasticloopscordtasselsribbon or bows, then your search may just have ended right now.

You need more than just "that" item, though. You need to be sure that your customers, superiors, guests, etc., will be happy with the final product. That is why Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc.provides you with:

  • samples
  • flexible solutions
  • quick lead times
  • cost-saving methods
  • experts

Since its inception in 1994Finish Line has become an expert, not just with the products it sells, but in providing its customers with the solutions they need to complete their projects.

Giving you multiple solutions to your project helps give you the flexibility to meet the needs of the end user. Our experts will save you time and money by giving you multiple options and helping you find the best solution.



  • "Wow!! I was having rather a bad day and you just turned it around for me. Thanks for taking the time to write"
  • "I just wanted to write and let you know what extraordinary customer service (our company) received... We had multiple changes and had to have shipping done over night twice. (Their staff) ensured that we got our product on time. She made sure that amount of inventory was correct so that we could get the merchandise we needed. She called me back within five minutes to confirm that the bows were in stock and that we would be able to receive them within our time line. Her friendliness and outgoing manner was the only bright spot on the project we were working on this week!"
  • "These folks just asked me for this information and here you are with it...your customer service is excellent!!!!!"
  • "Thank You and all at FinishLine for the excellent and prompt cooperation for a new account"
  • "My sincere thanks for your staying on this and helping us recover from our error"
  • "I have used your products in the past and was well pleased with what I ordered." - Barbara Walton