Get ribbon customized in various ways to meet your unique needs. Buy hot cut ribbon for bookmarks, knotted ribbon  for ornaments, swing tags and other items, or barbed ribbon for box and bag handles. Choose from a plethora of satin and grosgrain colors. Request a quote below for any kind of project (not all colors are domestic in-stock, check for availability).

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is definitely the most popular type of ribbon. Its versatility and variety of colors makes it the go to material for all kinds of projects, from barbed ribbon handles to knotted loops for ornaments. See our examples of ribbon products below.

Satin Ribbon Colors 1/4 Satin Ribbon Colors 2/4 Satin Ribbon Colors 3/4Satin Ribbon Colors 4/4

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is satin's country cousin. Available in many colors, its texture lends itself nicely to more informal projects.


Grograin Ribbon Colors 1/4  Grograin Ribbon Colors 2/4 Grograin Ribbon Colors 3/4Grograin Ribbon Colors 4/4


Custom Ribbon Products

Ribbon Cut Pieces


Ribbon Knotted Loops


Ribbon Bows


Ribbon with Barbs (looped or barb each end)