Knotted Loops

Knotted loops are perfect for retail and packaging products. With Finish Line Custom Finishing knotted loop options you can find the right loop for the right job. See below for the different materials your knotted loops can come in. Get details on available colors and sizes. See how to get samples before making a purchase and order stock items directly online.

Shop for stock knotted loops

Find knotted loops in stock and on clearance for immediate online ordering. These items can be delivered same business day as purchase.

Custom Knotted Loop Products

Custom knotted loops can made to almost any length. Request a quote for pricing, lead time and samples.
Elastic Loop with Knot
Ribbon Loop with Knot
Twine Loop with Knot
Cord Loop with Knot

Knotted Loop Articles

Learn more about knotted loops, how they have helped others and how they can enhance your products & solutions.
Elastic Knotted Loops for Jars
Ribbon Knotted Loops for Ornaments