pre-tied bows



Pre-tied bows are a smart and cost-effective way to decorate your items. Get bows pre-tied with various elastic or ribbon material. Bows can come with loops, twist-ties and adhesive for easy attachment. Customize ribbon bows with loops, cut ends or adhesive and have them made-to-order. Discover great deals on stock bows that can ship in as little as one day. Click below to view details and get quotes.


Pre-tied Bow Products:

Pre-tied Stretch Bow Sizing Guides:

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Bows for Boxes

pre-tied bows for gift boxes

Pre-tied bows are great for gift boxes. Loops can be applied to boxes around the narrow girth, wide girth or corner-to-corner. All stretch bow loops are measured by circumference which is about twice the loop length when laid flat. Click below to view our chart and quickly find your desired loop circumference.

pre-tied bow stretch loop chart for boxes

* If you do not find your dimensions on this chart, send an email to and our customer service will assist you.


Bows for Jars & Bottles

pre-tied bows for jars

Use pre-tied bows to easily decorate cylinder-shaped items like bottles and jars. Generally, you want the circumference of the loop to be about 1 inch less than the circumference of the area the loop will wrap around. For bottle necks, a 1 inch loop, (2 inch circumference) will usually work.

pre-tied bow stretch loop chart for jars

Bows for Invitations & Programs

pre-tied bow for invitations

For items like invitations and programs, your stretch loop should be about 1/2 inch less than the length you are wrapping around only if that length is 8.5 inches or shorter. Otherwise it should be 1 inch less. If you are still not sure about the size, you can request a quote and even inquire about samples. Click on a pre-tied bow product page to get started.