Pre-tied Bows

Pre-tied Bow Products

Twist-tie Bows

Get twist-tie bows pre-tied in satin, grosgrain and metallic colors. Each bow comes with a 5 inch twist-tie, 2.5 inch wide bow, made with 5/8 inch wide ribbon. Grosgrain twist-tie bows with polka-dots are also available in 3.5 inch width.

Stock twist-tie bows can be purchased directly online and shipped the same day. Scroll through each twist-tie bow type and click to view detailed images of all available colors and to begin shopping.

For twist-tie bows not in stock or custom pre-tied bows, see below.

Pre-tied Elastic Bows

For a limited time, get elastic bows on clearance. These bows include an elastic loop and elastic bow and come in metallic gold and metallic silver. Get them in round or flat elastic.

Scroll through available items and click to begin placing your order. All elastic bows can be shipped same day. For help choosing the right size elastic bow, see the stretch bow sizing guides below.

Custom Pre-tied Bows

Pre-tied Ribbon Bows with Ribbon Loops
Satin Bows with Round Elastic Loops
Pre-tied Metallic Bow with Elastic Loop
Metallic Bow with Flat Elastic Loop
Pre-tied Bow with Peal and Stick Ribbon
Bow and Ribbon Piece with Peal & Stick
Ribbon Bows with Ribbon Loops
The above are examples of just some of the custom pre-tied bow assemblies.  Custom pre-tied bows can be made to very detailed specifications, taylored to your products.

Stretch bows are a common way to decorate boxes, bottles, jars and other small to medium-sized products. Bows with ribbon loops are great for sliding on to bottles. Custom bows can also come with ribbon streamers with peel & stick tabs for easy application.

Download our stretch bow sizing guides for help determining what size stretch bow loop you may need:
Use the form below specify the custom bow features you need and any other requirements you may have. Once a quote has been submitted, our experts can help find the best option for your products and send you samples. Use the COMMENTS field at the end of the form to specify any other custom parameters.

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