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Hang tags are a marketing must-have

Food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electronics and even tool retailers all rely on the power of hang tags to help generate sales and enhance their brands. Below are 5 reasons why hang tags are a top marketing tool for many companies.

1. Hang tags attract the eye

When you have products that compete against one another, you need something that will differentiate your product from all the others. When similar items are likely to be grouped together when customers search the shelves, hang tags play a vital role in drawing attention. To help your hang tags attract attention, try attaching them with interesting and colorful ribbons or elastic loops with balls. Use large headline fonts and creative images to present an elegant and branded appeal. Hang tags allow you to position your brand depending on your industry, your unique selling points and your target audience.

2. Hang tags project an image

In many retail industries, including fashion, cosmetics, food and beverage, customers often make purchases based on the image projected by a product or brand. Once you have your hang tag attracts your customers' attention your product itself will demonstrate why your product matches their personal image and lifestyle. In a world of similar products, hang tags are a great way to separate your products from your competitors’, and position your brand in a positive way that motivates sales.

3. Hang tags highlight features and benefits

Every marketer knows that features and benefits are important to brisk sales, and hang tags can help you detail the benefits of using your product's features easily and effectively.

4. Hang tags can instantly spread information

If you add a Quick Response (QR) code to your hang tag design customers can link directly to additional online information. This can be a great way to provide more detail than you would want to cram onto your hang tags because it can take visitors directly to your website. Since a QR code can link to an online message, you can change the online message without the need to reprint the QR code.

5. Hang tags boost future sales

Finally, you can leverage hang tags to spur future sales by including a perforated tear-off coupon. All you have to do is put coupons for each other's products on your products; good when a certain dollar amount is reached and redeemable with proof of purchase at your store (or theirs). As you can see, with a bit of creativity you can turn hang tags into critical success factors for your business, practically overnight!

Hang tags continue to gain momentum in the world of product marketing. Finish Line offers a wide array of products for attaching hang tags to your products. Get great offers with quick and easy online checkout for tag loops in elastic, cord and ribbon.

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