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El Mayor Uses Elastic Loop with Ball

An elastic loop with ball is a great way to amp up style in your products. With gold and silver options, a metal ball can help your items stand out.

Here is a great example of how an elastic loop with a ball can greatly enhance your items:

Our first product feature post includes, (drum roll please!), a bottle of El Mayor tequila! This beautiful product is elegantly finished with a printed tag produced by Rebecca at Pillsbury Marketing, r_reeve@pillsburymarketing.com.

El Mayor has a long family history of making tequila. Their alcoholic beverages have won many awards. As you can see, there is no lack of style when marketing their products.

A black elastic loop with ball is used to attach a tag to the bottle. The loop is stretched around the neck with the ball keeping the tag in place. The tag design completes the look of the bottle with the ball on the elastic loop adding an extra flair. Elastic loops can also come with barbs and knots.

Marketing companies like Pillsbury Marketing often use a variety of elastic loops to attach print items. As masters of both print design and product marketing, these companies can be essential to making consumer items stand out above the crowd. To find more about print marketing, contact Rebecca at r_reeve@pillsburymarketing.com

Need just elastic loops? Finish Line Custom Finishing Inc., provides all types of elastic loops including loop with ball. The company now has many different colors of elastic loops just for bottles in stock and ready to ship. To find out more, click below.

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