Let Your Product Tags Have A Ball

Feb 28 2016

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Confidence Beads using loop with ball

Having a ball is fun (physically and figuratively), but giving your product tags a ball goes beyond just delighting your customer. A ball will also enhance the display and packaging of your product. But not just any ball. I’m talking about a metal silver and gold ball that come on the end of an elastic loop.

Use A loop with Ball for Your Tags

All tags need to be attached to their products but a balled tag loop does that and more. It also adds value to the product itself by making it look bold. A tag loop with a ball gives your product a boost of confidence.

Why a ball?

A loop with ball has some important benefits over other tag loops.

A ball can simply be pushed into a hole in the tag. The loop will remain in place without slipping back out. This cannnot be done with a knot. A loop with knot needs to be slip-knotted through the hole or strung by a machine.

A loop with barb can be used for tags, but they have a distinctly industrial look. Plus, some barbs have sharp ends that could be hazardous when handled.

Giving Products A Boost Of Confidence

Confidence Beads manufactures and distributes a flattering line of bead products.

In the photo on the right, the company uses a white 2 inch elastic loop with silver ball to attach a tag to a bracelet. The tag attaches to the balled end of the loop and the other end is slip-knotted on to the item.

This white loop with silver ball worked perfectly for Confidence Beads. Balled loops come in a variety of sizes and colors but it can be a challenge finding what is available.

Finding The Right Loop With Ball (And Get Samples)

Loops come with silver or gold metal balls, silver being the most common. The diameter of the ball can vary slightly, but for the most part the metal balls are about 1/4 inch. For the best results, you'd want your tag to have 3/16 inch diameter hole.

Elastic is the main material used for the loop. A rayon cord loop can be used but those are usually custom made. The standard width or thickness of the loop is about 1/16 inch. Black and white loops are the most available loop but other colors can also be found.

It is important to know what length you need. The length of the loop is the distance between the loop and the ball when laid flat. Your ideal loop length is based on the product the loop will be applied to. It also always a good idea to acquire samples before ordering

Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc., provides samples and a quick and intuitive way to browse through many different options.

Visit the elastic loop with ball page to compare elastic and ball colors and to request quotes and samples.

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