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Tying Businesses Together with Elastic

15 Twitter Tips For Small Business Success

Twitter Marketing Tips

There are a ton of blogs out there on how to get more followers on Twitter. Most of those blogs are full of useless information and will NOT help a small business.

I am not going to lecture on why you need more followers or that you should only focus on high-quality users. You probably already know that. Instead, I am going to give you SIMPLE and SPECIFIC actions you can take to make Twitter work better for you and your business.

But first, you must understand a few things about Twitter behavior. Here are 3 popular Twitter misconceptions:

1) Others will follow you if you follow them

A huge mistake a lot of people make is thinking that following someone alone will get them to follow you back. Contrary to what you may believe, this is usually not the case. It would be nice if it was that easy, but its not. The truth is, it takes time and effort to build a high quality following. But doing the right things can save you a lot of time.

2) Retweeting and liking tweets will get you more followers

Not necessarily. Yes, retweeting and liking tweets can be a good strategy for gaining followers, but only in moderation. By moderation I mean no more than 1 retweet and 1 like for the same person per day. Otherwise it is obvious that your fascination of them is artificial. Any redundant interaction can get annoying so it is wise to mix it up and keep it genuine.

3) A large following will get you more followers

Many people believe that when starting out on a social network, it helps to have a large following in order get the ball rolling. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, the opposite is true. People are more apt to follow you when you first start out because they know there’s a good chance you will follow them back. Plus people like to help each other out. It is just a nice thing to do.

The bottom line is that Twitter works best for you when you keep it real. Despite our greatest wishes, making Twitter a successful business tool requires honest work. Fortunately, there are tips, tricks and other tools that can save you a lot of time. Below are 15 tips that will make you 100% more efficient on Twitter. (#15 is the most important!)

15 Successful Twitter Tips:

  1. If you are just starting out, follow people only relevant to your business/community
  2. If you already have a decent size following, make sure you are following no more than twice your following (A 1:1 ration is the best)
  3. Only follow people who follow you. Give exceptions only on special occassions
  4. Instead of following people right away, add people to a list in your account
  5. Say thank you whenever someone follows you, retweets your tweet, or favorites your tweet.
  6. When saying thank you for following, extend an invitation to another social network you are on
  7. Target followers who write for blogs and industry sites
  8. When sharing a blog post or article, find and use the author’s Twitter handle (using the ‘@’ symbol) in the tweet
  9. Retweet only content relevant to your following
  10. Modify retweets as much as you can (Check out Copyblogger for how to write great headlines)
  11. Post 1 self-promotion tweet for approximately every three non-promotional tweets
  12. Use Tweet Deck or other free software to spread your tweets throughout the day
  13. Only like tweets that you actually like. On occasion, reply with why you like it
  14. Use hashtags tastefully. Use Hashtagify to see if it is even worth using
  15. Follow Finish Line Custom Finishing on Twitter for more social network and internet marketing tips!