Tying Businesses Together with Elastic


Tying Businesses Together with Elastic

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Satin Twist-Tie Bows

When you’re pressed for time, the last thing you need is to spend a lot of time attaching bows to your packages and accessories. There’s an easier way – twist-tie bows. They always look fantastic and it takes only a few seconds to apply them.


Twist-tie bows are perfect for decorating candy bags, gifts, beverages and other household items. The twist-tie closes the bag while the bow adds flair to the product. Twist-tie bows can be added easily to just about anything. The photo below shows a twist-tie bow attached to a scent stick holder.

Twist-tie bow on jar of scent sticks

Lots of Choices

Twist-tie bows come in different ribbon types, bow widths and colors. Satin and grosgrain are the most popular ribbon types for bows. Bow widths can range from 2.5 inches to almost 4 inches and there are tons of color options for bows so it is easy to find a color that will complement your items.

satin and grosgrain twist-tie bows

Easy Application

Twist-ties make it easy to apply bows to your item. Bows come with twist-ties fed through the bow knot. All you have to do to attach the bow is wrap the twist-tie around the item and, well, twist!

Save $$$

Finish Line Custom Finishing Inc. can supply twist-tie bows at lower prices than retail and many other wholesale suppliers. Another advantage to purchasing from Finish Line is its outstanding customer service. Many e-commerce sites have intricate web pages and confusing shopping carts. Finish Line, on the other hand, has actual people providing customer service and sales support.

Finish Line can provide satin bows, grosgrain bows and metallic bows in many lengths, widths and color options. Our prices are fantastic and everything is in stock so there is zero lead time. View all of our beautiful bows and place your order by clicking below. It’s quick and easy!

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