Tying Businesses Together with Elastic


Tying Businesses Together with Elastic

How to Delight Customers Before They Open the Box

One of the most crucial aspects of delighting your customers is first impressions. They are so important because they influence the perception of your company and products from the start. Fail to create a good first impression and you have to try that much harder to intrigue your clientele. The packaging of your product is a great opportunity to delight your customers before they open the box.

In an economy where return on investment is key, pre-tied bows are a great way to charm your customers with your packaging. Pre-tied bows are a smart investment because they:

  • Secure your items
  • Are easy to apply
  • Add perceived value
  • Can be reused
  • Helps create a great first impression


Options for pre-tied bows are just about endless. They are mostly made from ribbon, elastic or both. In the image above, Designer Chocolate uses multiple bows with satin ribbon loops to secure their printed chocolates while adding flair to their package.

Designer Chocolate makes personalized chocolate candies for weddings, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. They do a great job of matching the ribbon color with the color of its candy. The pink bow in the middle especially adds a nice touch to the item. View more packaging examples on the company’s website, designer-chocolate.com.

Using ribbon creates a look of elegance and makes items more appealing. Satin ribbon is most commonly used for ribbon bows but grosgrain and sheer ribbon are also good options. There are plenty of satin, grosgrain and sheer ribbon colors to choose from.

elastic pre-tied bow for candy box

Elastic pre-tied bows can also be a good solution for candy boxes. They are very easy to apply and can stretch around different sized items. Elastic pre-tied bows are available in matte and metallic color options. You can also choose between round or flat elastic.

Various types of stretch ribbon can be used as well. Sometimes a piece of elastic is attached to the ends of the ribbon loop to add stretch. You can also get ribbon that is itself stretchy. This kind of ribbon is not to be confused with flat elastic which is the preferred and more cost-effective type of material.

Wholesalers Limit Your Options

metallic gold pre-tied ribbon bow

Ribbon bows for boxes are often combined with elastic loops. This is a great way to customize your pre-tied bows. Wholesalers stray away from selling these types of custom pre-tied bows. It costs them a lot of money to make, especially in a short amount of time.

You see, if a wholesaler can’t stock an item, it is harder for them to make money on it. There are a ton of different dimensions and color options for boxes but no standard sizes. Therefore, it is hard to make the items en mass and cater to every demand. A lot of businesses cannot make custom items in short periods of time. In response, they offer limited options.

Free Your Options!

Instead of choosing from limited options, you can partner with Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc. and have full control over your item specs. You can mix and match elastic and ribbon styles to maximize your product’s appeal. Once a quote is requested industry experts will be at your fingertips and will help you determine what size items you need. Samples are also sent to ensure you know what you are getting before placing the order.

Search on Finish Line’s pre-tied bows page and explore ideas for your packaging bow solution. Fill out a quote request form and a customer service expert will get back to you in no time!

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