Tying Businesses Together with Elastic


Tying Businesses Together with Elastic

A Creative Way to Make Ornaments Using Ribbon

Grosgrain and satin ribbon can be great for transforming everyday objects into ornaments

To finalize products for Polar Magnetics, a grosgrain ribbon was cut and tied into a 4 inch loop. The grosgrain ribbon loops were then slip-knotted through a hole in the magnet.

grosgrain ribbon loop for magnet

Polar Magnetics is a manufacturer of souvenir gifts, displays and creative decor and provides laser cutting and engraving services. 

The strength of the grosgrain ribbon easily supports the wait of the magnet when hung. Grosgrain ribbon also has some texture to it which adds more grip to the loop. The red color makes the item perfect for a Christmas ornament.

Of course magnets aren't the only object you can transform into ornaments. You can use ribbon to transform almost any kind of object into decorative hanging pieces.

Grosgrain and satin ribbon can come in many other colors and are avialable at your local craft shop. Tying ribbon into loops can be a bit tricky and tedious, though.

knotted satin ribbon loops

That is why Finish Line Custom Finishing, Inc. provides pre-knotted ribbon loops for making ornaments in bulk. Grosgrain, satin and even sheer ribbon is avaiable in 1/8 and 1/4 inch widths. Ribbon loops can be made to any length. You can also order cut pieces of ribbon.

Finish Line Inc. makes it easy and enjoyable to view all ribbon options. View detailed color charts that will aid in designing the most creative ornaments. Discover all the details you need to know to complete your project on the company's ribbon page. Click below to get started

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