Tying Businesses Together with Elastic


Tying Businesses Together with Elastic

The Best Way to Attach Tags to Your Jars

Tag Loops for Jars

Your jarred products have been perfected and are ready for launch. You have a beautiful label and a great tag design to boot, but there is one small problem:

How are you going to attach your tags to the jars?

You can pay a premium and buy string at a fabric or arts and crafts store. Stringing and tying the tags yourself may save you money at first, but you have hundreds, even thousands of jars, and can’t spend days or weeks of your time on this small step.

Little did you know, there is a way to get all of your tags attached in a matter of minutes. (And you just found a great blog post on how to do it!). This could provide the perfect solution to your dilemma!! After all, it worked great for Small Batch Goods Co., a small business that offers hand made artisanal products:

The photos display the company’s sugar scrub product. A black knotted tag loop is slip-knotted through the hole in the tag and wrapped around the jar. Since it received the elastic pre-tied in loops, Small Batch Goods was able to apply the tag to the jar with ease saving valuable time.

elastic tag loops on jar

To save even more time, the company could have had a tag stringer string the tags for them. It is important to note that doing it this way changes the look of the item slightly. A tag stringer will feed the elastic through the hole so there is only one part of the elastic going through instead of two like in the image above.

Get the Right Size

Elastic tag loops are not hard to find if you know where to look. It is important, though, to know what loop size you need first. Because of the stretch of the elastic it is a little tricky to find the exact size loop that will best fit your product. Generally, you want the circumference of the loop to be about 1 inch less than the circumference of the area the loop will wrap around. You also must consider extra length for slip-knotting the loop through the tag.

To make it much easier for you, we’ve made a chart showing the size loop you need based on your jar size. “Your Jar Size” represents the area the loop will fit around. The “loop length” is the length of the loop when laid flat with no stretch. The loop circumference is always twice the loop the length. The chart can also be applied to bottles as well.

elastic tag loop sizing chart for jars

Knotted loops aren’t the only way to attach your tags with elastic. An elastic loop with ball is another option. Learn all about the different options for tag loops at Finish Line Custom Finishing’s elastic loops page. Request quotes and samples and learn how to gain instant access to clearance items, special deals and more.

Small Batch Goods was able to get their tag loops quickly for a low price and you can do the same! Your tag loop solution is only a few clicks away. Get started by clicking below!

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