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3 Uses for Satin and Grosgrain Ribbon Other Than Bows

Loop with barb for pulls:As you can see on this amazing custom box made by Central Package and Display, a small piece of the right color satin ribbon is a great finishing touch and operates beautifully as a drawer pull! See more of their creativity h
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Hang tags are a marketing must-have

Food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electronics and even tool retailers all rely on the power of hang tags to help generate sales and enhance their brands. Below are 5 reasons why hang tags are a top marketing tool for many companies.1
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Tie a Holiday Spin into Your Shipments this Holiday Season

When was the last time you thought about your customers’ “unboxing” experience?For e-commerce businesses, your shipped package represents a direct connection with your customer, and you’ll want to leave them with a pleasant experience. Using Finish L
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Fun Facts About Ribbon

Ribbons were first manufactured in France as early as the 11th century.In the Middle Ages, peddlers traveled throughout Europe selling exotic ribbons woven with gold and silver thread, made from silk and other rare fabrics from the Orient. Read mor
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